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I don’t play hockey anymore. Well, I can’t since my broken leg is still healing. But I do get invited to the pub by my hockey guys. So last night, after their playoff game, I went to Mayday Malones (don’t ask) and caught up with some of the old dogs.

The reason I bring thins up is that several of these guys have wives. Some of them still have wives. The sad part is that a few of them have brought their wives to me to get a wig because of their cancer treatments. One of these gentlemen, a bear of a Russian, gave me a hug last night. I asked how his lovely wife was doing. He said she was great. He then brought up the fact that her wig has been passed from cancer patient to cancer patient. It is now on it’s fourth wearer.

“And every one of them is doing well. It must be good luck.”


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