Just Out Of The Blue

From my email in-box. June 14, 2013.

Dear Michael,

You don’t know me and I’ve never visited your shop on Avenue Road. But on March 12, 2012 my younger sister and I visited your shop at the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook in search of finding a wig that would allow her some comfort as she continued her journey through her chemotherapy treatments.

My sister had been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 38 the previous December. Our visit to your shop at Sunnybrook was the first time that she and I had been together in almost 20 years. I think its fair to say that we were both quite nervous about the appointment itself; would the staff be friendly and helpful, would we find something “good”, could we afford whatever was offered, and of course……….how would spending time together in this atmosphere, under very stressful circumstances unfold?

Our visit that day ended up being about so much more than just buying a wig. It allowed us a bit of time together that was pleasant and almost fun, in a situation that was anything but. The real reason I write to you about this over a year later, is because the member of your staff that assisted us that day, (a woman who shared with us that she herself was a cancer survivor) is someone that will remain in my memory forever. She treated my sister and I with such care and concern and friendliness, that I think both of us were able to forget for a moment (however brief) of why we were really there! I don’t recall the stylist’s name but she was so lovely and I thanked her with a card shortly thereafter to let her know how much I appreciated her fantastic customer service..

More important was the fact that my sister loved that wig. Her face lit up the moment it was placed upon her, and I know that she never went anywhere in all the days after that. Sadly, my sister survived only five more months after that day, but the happiness and smiles brought about by the visit to your shop that day, bring with it memories that will last a lifetime for me.

As the 1 year anniversary of her passing approaches, I am reminded of that special stylist, of my sister’s smile when she turned to look at me with her new “do”, and of the shop at Sunnybrookwhich for me will always be about so much more that just a place of hair.

With thanks for everything that you do…….


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