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I have found that no matter what our age we really want to look our best. I think young people believe that old(er) people let themselves go but as I am now one of those old(er) people I can say that it is just the effects of being around a long time. We still want to look as good as we can. And hair is a big part of that, no matter what our age.

I see women of all ages and its just as important for each and every one of them. There may be different reasons but so what? I got a call from a woman that said that she heard of me through her hair stylist.

“My stylist says her client went to you and you changed her life!” , she told me.

“That’s always nice to hear,” I replied, assuming that it was in a good way.

“She also told me that it changed how she looked at wigs after styling hair for over ten years.” Well I guess it was a nice wig.

This woman went on to say that she wanted to get something for her mom for her 70th birthday and would I be able to see them. That’s easy. But I am glad that I will be helping two very sweet women out later on this week.

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