Mrs Dainty*

I was doing my best to keep as many balloons in the air at the salon last week when I saw one of my newer clients getting cut in. She is undergoing chemo and is a very sweet woman and I asked if Corale, her stylist, was treating her right. She said of course. Then she asked me a question.

“Michael, do you remember your grade 3 teacher?”

I looked at more closely and it dawned on me. Yes, this was the woman that taught me at Huron Street Public School back in 1973. And I had  such a crush on her. And now here she is in my salon under not the best circumstances but still remembering me from all those thousands of students that she had march through her class.

She got me caught up on the gossip on all the old teachers there. They still hang together. I wish I could have been able to re-connect under better circumstances but I was at the very least happy to see her and make sure that she had a great look. And I felt good that after all she did for me I was able to give a little bit back.

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