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The Call

Chemotherapy , Wigs

When I get a call from a hockey buddy that I usually do not hang out with I know that it is because my services are needed. As soon as I hear who it is I know that they have someone close to them that is going to go through chemotherapy and needs a medical wig.

It is also the same in the hair styling industry. I received a call from the owner of one of the most prestigious salon/spas in the country. I had not talked with him in a few years but I thought it was a professional call. Maybe asking me to do a seminar on wigs or women’s thinning hair alternatives for his staff. But no. It was professional but also personal; his mother in law is going through chemo and he does not want anyone else but me to take care of her.

He’s is completely broken up about it and tells me that she is more upset over losing her hair than going through chemo. That, actually, is not unusual. I noticed that with many women over the years. It’s like they can fight a disease but not the loss of identity.

So I will see her in a couple of days. I will make sure that another “buddy” has someone close to him taken care of and can go through her journey with confidence and anonymity.

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Michael Suba

Owner and President of Continental Hair.
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