Dear Diary – It was a real treat today.

Michael Suba

Dear Diary,

It was a real treat today. I had three clients that I had not seen in ages. Marilyn, who wears one of my ‘Jay’ European wigs, had not been in to see me since 2010. She loves these caps because they are fitted for a woman with very little or no hair. Mimi did a great job hi-kiting and cutting her in.

Then I had Helena come in to see me. She had moved to B.C. a couple of years ago and came to see me about a new pastiche (topper). She had not been here in five years! She had really kept that topper going. I had to do a new fitting for a custom order for her though. I have noticed that many of the women coming to see me have been losing hair very aggressively over the past couple of years.

And Lisa had not been to see me for three years. And she is very hard on her toppers so I am surprised that it kept going as long as it did. I do advise them that they should have a second one but these are expensive and that puts a bit of a damper on that idea. However, I advised Lisa that she should think about getting another one in a year or two so that the ‘old’ one could be re-conditioned and used as what I call a ‘beach piece’. That way the new one will look better and last longer.

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