Dear Diary – Style wigs that were purchased elsewhere

Michael Suba

Dear Diary,

I have been getting calls all month asking me to style wigs that were purchased elsewhere. I have to explain to these callers that I can’t do that. The reason being that years ago I made an exception. It was a cancer patient and she really asked me saying that she was desperate and that she would sign a waiver and so whatever we asked. Well, she did sign a waiver and she left happy. But two days later she was back with her sister. It seems that her sister did not like the cut and had decided that we needed to pay for the wig that we had “ruined”. This was not going to happen. I explained the circumstances. She would not listen. I showed her the waiver. She waved it away. The actual client and cancer patient was sitting there silent with her head bowed. She would not reply when i asked her what she wanted me to do. Her sister would not let her say anything. I replied that all I could do was replace the wig with one of my own, and that they would have to take it elsewhere to have it cut in. This was not acceptable. Well, at least at first. After much verbal abuse the sister stated that she would take my wig and run my name through the mud. Well, it happens.

So I do not cut other people’s stuff. But I still try to help. I had two calls TODAY about this. One woman had been sold a full wig that really did not suit (or fit) her. She came with a friend and started looking a a pastiche (topper). For fun we tried on a medium brown over her blonde hair and she LOVED it. Her friend just went wild for it. So we coloured her hair to match the brown pastiche and she was ready for the weekend. She was so happy.

And to tell you the truth, there was no saving the wig she had bought. She will be donating it to Princess Margaret Lodge to be given away to a needy cancer patient. It was a large Orthodox Jewish wig and it was too much hair and too much cap for a petit woman with thinning hair.

So, sometimes things work out.

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