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Aftercare for Your New Hair System

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Caring for your Wig

The following steps should be followed to ensure a proper and thorough cleaning of your new hair system.

  1. Gently brush out your system, ensuring there are no tangles in the hair.
  2. With your index and middle finger in a scissor motion, hold the part line of the system. NOTE: It is important to hold the system by it’s part line throughout the entire washing process.
  3. Begin by rinsing your hair system with warm running water. Ensure that you rinse the inside of the cap as well as the hair.
  4. Fill your sink/basin about halfway with water, adding a small amount of shampoo (use salon or professional quality) to the running water to disperse it through the sink. Make sure there is enough water to fully submerge the system.
  5. Dip the wig into the sink so that it is fully submerged. Make sure to handle the system very gently, as if you were washing a fine garment. Draw the system through the water slowly, letting the water do the work. Do not agitate or scrub the system.
  6. Drain the sink and rinse the system thoroughly.
  7. Fill the sink with water and add shampoo again. Wash the system a second time with just as much care as the first time.
  8. Drain the sink and rinse the system thoroughly.
  9. Fill the sink a third time, and add conditioner (use salon or professional quality) to the sink.
  10. Draw the system through the sink a few times, drain the sink and rise the system.
  11. Place the system on a towel and pat the excess water out. Be sure that you do not rub or agitate the hair.
  12. At this point, you can add a leave-in conditioner or Moroccan oil to the mid-shaft through to the ends.
  13. Brush the system gently to disperse the product and to ensure easy styling.
  14. Place the system on a Styrofoam head and style as usual.

These steps should ensure a thorough and easy cleaning of your hair system. Remember that the hair system should only be washed every 4-6 weeks with daily wear.

If you encounter a problem with your system at ANY time during the process, STOP and call Continental Hair at 416-923-7747 or email us at Our friendly and helpful staff will walk you through any issues and help you in any way we can.