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Alopecia Wigs for Women

Understanding Alopecia and What You Can Do About It


Did you know that almost half of women by the age of 50 show signs of hair loss? Going bald isn’t just something that happens to men, and more women are affected by a condition known as alopecia than you may think. Depending on the type of alopecia you have, it may cause you to lose hair around your scalp, throughout your entire head, and even other parts of your body.

Whether you’ve experienced slight hair thinning or you have entire bald patches, we can help. The professionals at Continental Hair have decades of experience crafting high-quality alopecia wigs that can fully replace your lost hair.

When you come to us looking for an alopecia wig, you can rest easy knowing that we only make 100% natural looking wigs made with real human hair. We can work with you to create a wig that looks just like the hair your used to, and we can even customize your alopecia wig to give you more volume or a completely new look.

Regardless of what type of wig you need, we are here to tell you that you no longer have to worry about covering up your bald spots. Even your closest friends and coworkers won’t be able to spot the difference, so make sure you get in touch with us today to learn more about our alopecia wigs!

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