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I want to send a huge THANKS to Michael and his team at Continental Hair.
As a result of cancer treatment I started significantly losing my hair in the summer of 2011. Over the course of three months I went from having a full head of hair to being almost bald. Alopecia was not a common side effect of the drug that I was on, so I was not even expecting that to happen. I was 28 years old at the time, single and living in the city, at the peak of a great corporate sales career, and accustomed to a happy and active social life… suddenly going bald was, simply put, the most difficult experience I ever had to endure. With my physical identity disappearing on me, and my self confidence vanishing as well, I finally faced the fact that I had to get a wig (and even the word itself was dreadful to me!)

After a horrific experience at another company I started searching on-line and found Continental Hair on YouTube. I called right away and got an appointment the same day. From my first consultation with Michael, to the quality wig I purchased, to the fantastic on-going service I receive from the team – my whole experience with Continental Hair has been absolutely superb. And given the sensitive and emotional disposition of hair loss what I am most thankful for is the sympathetic, patient, helpful, and kind nature of Michael and his team.

I am pleased to share that no one can tell I am wearing a wig. This was especially important to me since I had kept my cancer treatment a private matter from work, and even some friends. And even though I wish I didn’t have to wear a wig (a feeling that I don’t think will ever go away?) I must admit though – the wig looks great on me. (propbably even better that my natural hair!). I’ve come to terms with it now and it at least makes getting ready in the morning easier!

In closing, the experience of losing my hair and realizing that I have to wear a wig was extremely difficult and painful for me. I spent days hiding, and nights crying. But the high quality of Continental’s products, and even more important the experience and the superb customer service Of Michael and his team – Continental has definitely helped me get through a difficult challenge. I would recommend Continental Hair to anyone with hair loss, or to anyone who could use an “oomph” in their hair.

Again, a genuine thank you.

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