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And look at that. A guest post arrives even before I can get the Guest Post part of the blog set up. So I will set it up here.
First I will give you some background. Karen has alopecia, and so does her 9 year old daughter. She was kind enough to model for me on Marilyn Denis’ show on alopecia earlier this month. This is her blog post::


Thanks so much to you, Jacquie, Seven, Richard and Ivana for all your support/expertise in making Ashlyn and me feel special and confident.
The friendly, warm service we have received from you and your staff has been outstanding. From the beginning with calls and arranging appointments through Ivana, to our consultations and conversations with yourself, make-up by Richard and hair trimming, styling and washing by Seven and Jacquie our experiences with Continental Hair have been most positive. Having alopecia is at times a challenge but through its challenges it has brought us in touch with so many positive people and positive experiences.
First of all, we are thankful for the “Wigs For Kids Program”. At age 5 when Ashlyn lost her hair we were very upset and so quickly wanted to make her “fit in” to society’s expectations. Thankfully your “Wigs For Kids Program” allowed for this to happen. As parents we wanted to protect our daughter and have her wear her wig but Ashlyn had other intentions. Young, child-like, and unaware of other’s perceptions she chose to be free of her wig, hats and scarves. Now, since the beginning of grade 4, she has become more self-aware and has chosen to wear her wig regularly. The longer brown wig that you provided has created a lot of delight, allowing her to create a new hairstyle and look everyday with headbands, braids, and clips. Watching Ashlyn having so much fun experimenting with her new wig and look has brought many smiles!
I too love my new wigs from Continental! They are comfortable, stylish and easy to care for on a day to day basis. I so appreciate the time Seven took to shape and trim up one wig and Jacquie who took the time to help me learn how to wash and style my second wig. Thanks so much for a fun morning!
Finally, I want to say thank-you Michael for the support you have given the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation (CANAAF). Living with alopecia can be a challenge for many and the work you and your staff do to create and style wigs as we as provide a positive and accepting atmosphere goes a long way to making one’s journey a much more positive experience!
Thanks so much!
Karen and Ashlyn.

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