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So I get an email from my sister who lives in Calgary. She says that a friend of hers from junior high (!!) facebooks her asking if her family still has a connection to that wig store in Yorkville. The reason is that this woman’s-mother’s-friend is going through chemo and would like to have a nice wig. So my sister emails me and asks that I take care of her. Of course I’ll help her. But I do not have her name. So all week, whenever a woman with the right demographic comes in I ask if her friend’s daughter went to BSS in the seventies. I got a lot of really puzzled looks so I stopped. Then yesterday a very sweet woman came in with a small entourage and got fitted for a very pretty synthetic wig. She told me that her friend’s daughter went to school with my sister. I was glad that she was happy. I was also relieved because if something went wrong I would not want to have to explain to my sister… I got an email forwarded to me from Calgary this today…

“Good Morning to you out there, I wanted to say thanks for your brother’s help. They were so gentle and understanding with Mom’s friend. He made the whole situation so comfortable for her. In and out in an hour, wig, cut, and confidence. Please let Michael know.” I am glad that I did not let the family’s reputation down.

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Owner and President of Continental Hair.
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