Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn Martin was just nine years old when she first started losing her hair to Alopecia, a common autoimmune skin disease resulting in the hair loss. Her struggles with Alopecia continued throughout her youth and then worsened when she 25.

Suddenly, not only was Carolyn losing the hair on her head but also the hair on her body. Carolyn knew that a wig would be an option. When the time came to buy one, she, like Karen, investigated all her options before finding Michael online. The drive from London to Toronto was worth the pricey investment. It gave her the confidence to face the world and face people, who didn’t understand her condition, made judgements or drew their own conclusions as to why she was losing her hair.

“The biggest stereotype I face is that I am sick and have cancer. People also feel sorry for me,” says Carolyn. “But really there is no reason to feel sorry for me. There are greater health obstacles people face every day. I tried to view my wig as an accessory. I try not to view my hair loss as a disease.”

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