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A Deep Thank You

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A little background. I got a call from the mother of an 11 year old girl that has trichotillomania. They wanted to come in the same afternoon if possible. I saw them at 4:00.

The little girl was very charming and mature and confident. Her mother explained what they had been going through in trying to find something suitable. The area that had been picked out was a 3 inch wide swath that went from the front hairline to the crown. This is not an unusual area in these cases. We were able to find a postiche in house that matched her colour and length. We were able to cut it in for her and she left with it on.

Because she was under 12 the piece came under the Wigs For Kids program and was free of charge.

Dear Michael and Staff,

A deep thank you to you and your staff. I have not seen such a smaile on my daughter’s face for several months now. The smile lasted all evening long and I am sure it will continue for weeks. She is so happy with her new look. She also appreciated the kind way everyone treated her. That you Seven with the scissors, the other stylists’ cheer and chat, the receptionist and yourself Michael for your welcome and expertise. You all added your touches of style and devotion that have made a big impact on my daughter.
Many thanks.

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Michael Suba

Owner and President of Continental Hair.
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