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Everyone says it, but it does not always translate into reality. I got an email from a woman that was very upset. She is a cancer patient and had bought a wig from a wig salon at her hospital (not Continental Hair’s wig salon at The Odette Centre, just to let you know) and was not at all happy. Why? Because they refused to style it. Any wig, even a synthetic like the one that she purchased, needs to be styled. But they said that not only could they not style it, but that no one should either. It would ruin it.

Well, she heard about us and asked if we could help. I emailed back to her that its not usual for us to work on someone else’s stuff but I would make an exception for her. I told her it would cost $150 and we could not take any responsibility for the outcome. I know that does not sound very accommodating but it was more than she was getting anywhere else.

She came in this afternoon. I was not here and did not even meet her. However, after I got back from wrestling with my Toyota dealership (well, that is not entirely fair, they were very nice), I got this email which I immediately shared with my staff, and now with you.

“Hi Michael:

I want to sincerely thank you so much for allowing me into your salon. We received the upmost exceptional service ever at your salon today! I went in very sad and depressed about a wig that I purchased for a great deal of money that I refused to put on because I just hated to look at myself in the mirror. Corale was my stylist and she was so kind., helpful, knowledgable and professional. She made my experience today life changing along with all the other stylists in the salon today. You have the best staff.”

Its nice to know that I don’t even need to be here and people are happy. I might not want to advertise that too much though.

I started saying it in the ’80s, a wig out of a box looks like a wig out of the box. You can’t wear a suit without it being tailored. Its just the same thing. Actually, usually it takes more than one styling session as it sometimes needs to be “tweaked” as we call it around here. So make sure that when you are looking for something that they not only will style it, and that they stand behind their styling, but that you can still get it changed.

Have a great weekend. Making someone this happy has already made mine.



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