Guest Blog Entry March 20, 2012

“It’s only hair” were the words spoken by a woman who has a beautiful head of natural hair, who just had a bad haircut, luckily for her she knew it would grow back .  This got me thinking – well easy for you to say, “It’s only hair”, but what about those women who for one reason or another have lost their hair.  What a traumatic experience they/we go through.  I can say this because when I was in grade 12, I developed alopecia at the crown of my head which was the size of a silver dollar.  Thankfully with a topical prescription my hair grew back.  15 years later on another occasion in my early 30’s I experienced another bout of alopecia on the side of my head, this time about the size of my palm.  I had to undergo a series of painful steroid injections in my scalp; thankfully once again my hair grew back.   How often we take things for granted without realizing how fortunate or lucky or even how blessed we are.   

I first learned about Continental Hair when I took my neighbor, who is a very young woman and is battling cancer.  The circumstances for our visit were to get help with a wig.  The outcome of that visit was an experience that I will never forget.  As she told her story to the owner of the establishment, an overwhelming display of compassion and generosity was extended to my neighbor, and what she received was truly an amazing gift.  A gift from the heart is how I would describe it. 

 Michael Suba, I want to thank you for your seeing the bigger picture regarding my young neighbor who I also call friend.   As you and your team are well aware, there are various reasons why wigs are required for which you provide services.  I would say that for those individuals undergoing a serious illness battling cancer and not knowing whether or not they will outlast the disease is perhaps often an unanswered question, and this was the bigger picture you were aware of concerning my young friend.

Once again thanks to you and your wonderful staff and all of your best efforts to take care of the needs of your clientele in helping them to feel good and look good!  Continue the great work, and as you know the greatest pleasures and rewards often come out of giving. 

 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt within the heart.”  Helen Keller

Sincerely with much gratitude,

Carolyn, neighbor and friend of June

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