Sharon and Travis Johnson

Over ten years ago I attended a meeting of hair enhancement professionals in Memphis Tennessee. That’s where I met Sharon and Travis. They have a salon down there called Studio II and have been at it for over 30 years. Travis handles the men, Sharon takes care of the women. I was just taken with their hospitality. I was wondering aimlessly through the lobby of the hotel when Sharon was meeting Greg Taylor from San Francisco (more on him in a later post) and she just asked, “Are you with the Transitions Group?” in that sweet southern accent. I mumbled that I was in my flat, Canadian drawl and she said, “Oh well, you just have to come along with us!”

They were going to her salon. She wanted Greg to give her a few tips on vacuum wigs. I was very impressed with her and Travis’ place. It was very large with tons of parking. Why is it that American hair enhancement salons always have so much parking? Anyway, its a lovely spot. But I was mostly taken with how hospitable they were. Later on the entire group was taken over to their house outside Memphis and they put on a huge BBQ. No small feat since we were well over 100 people. That was the very first time I was exposed to southern BBQ. Pulled pork, ribs, and brisket; what they call the Tennessee Trinity. I was just overwhelmed. And I was hooked as well. As soon as I got back I got me a smoker.

Sharon and Travis have become very good friends to my wife Tracey and I. Last November, when it was my turn to host the Transitions meeting we had a wonderful dinner at Sotto Sotto up the street. Not nearly as good as the hospitality that they put on in Memphis but it was great to see them since we don’t get to meet up with them very often.

If you need anything to do with hair and you are in the Memphis part of the world there is an AMAZING place to check out. Tell them Mike sent cha.



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