The Trigger

For the last year of two I have been testing the idea of when a woman will decide to come and see me about their thinning hair. In many cases they will see lots of other people first. They ask advice of their hairstylist, their doctor, then their dermatologist and perhaps a naturopath. Get tested for many things and at the end of the journey they decide to come and see me. Its like I am a goalie, the last line of defense.

What makes a woman decide that she actually HAS to DO something about her thinning hair? My observations have led me to conclude that it is when a woman is fed up with her hair loss dictating her hair style.

I am working on my Stockhom speech over the holidays. But really, this is the case. And what I have decided what we do here at Continental is not selling 50 or 100 or 160 grams of hair. We provide a woman with her “look”. The one that she wants to have, not the one she is forced to have.

I think that is one of the reasons why they leave so happy.

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