Big Wig

Elevate Magazine / Spring 2006 / Big Wig

Big Wig
By Chantel Simmons

Former soap star Amy Gibson creates wigs for the girl on the go.

Nearly 35 per cent of Canadian women suffer from hair loss. Until recently, wearing a wig to cover balding due to alopecia or cancer-related therapies meant looking like you were wearing a wig.

Former soap star Amy Gibson has been bald since she was 13 – and hiding it until just a few years ago. “I would see normal women working out, dancing, swimming and being intimate in relationships, and I wanted that for myself,” says Gibson. So she created a line of wigs called Amy’s Presence, perfect for the woman who wants to live a normal life – just like she wanted.

Amy’s Presence, which is available exclusively at Continental Hair in Toronto, features wigs ranging from human hair to synthetic. The cyberhair wigs are the most unique and look like human hair, but keep their shine, colour and shape – even after swimming, showering or sailing – thanks to a unique style memory. “I don’t sell anything I can’t wear,” she says, including the first woman’s swim wig that stays on in all forms of water sports and the first woman’s intimacy wig, which is cut slightly higher around the hairline, so that others can’t tell it’s a wig. “I know that a lot of women don’t want to tell people that they’re balding or losing their hair,” says Gibson. “Now they don’t have to.”

For more information about the wigs, go to To ask Gibson a question, go to or log onto and, where Gibson splits her time as a hair-loss and wig consultant for women.


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