Loss is Regained

Metro News Toronto / December 11, 2003

Loss is Regained

Women with hair loss can hold their head up high thanks to innovative hair replacement solutions, products and technology from Toronto’s Continental Hair.

Continental Hair has been looking after both men and woman for 40 years.

In 1995, Continental Hair shifted their direction to focus and became the only company in Canada dedicated to woman with hair loss due to chemotherapy, thinning, chemical damage or the hair loss condition alopecia.

“We see alopecia clients as young as four years old,” states Continental Hair president Michael Suba. “About 50 to 60 percent of the women who come to us with thinning hair are in their 20s and 30s.

“We design custom-made wigs and hair systems made of fine-mesh and are hand-knotted. We use processed Asian hair or virgin European hair that has never been dyed,” Suba adds.

“We take a mould of the top of the head – usually making the hair system just a little bigger than the palm of a hand. The system is light, discreet and blends in with the woman’s own hair.”

Unlike men’s salons where existing hair is shaved and the replacement glued on, Continental Hair clients have two options – comb clips that are removable or a permanent attachment that works by pulling the hair through tiny aluminum tubes, looping this hair then tying the system to the loops.

More recently, Suba introduced a painless low-level laser therapy used in Europe for 15 years.

“This low-level laser will keep the hair you have and turn thin baby hair into thicker healthier hair. With damaged hair, when the follicle is dormant and not killed off, the laser has a way of kicking the follicle back into gear and starting some hair growth,” Suba says.

Also, “there is a real stigma about woman and hair loss, so we are really careful to make sure they look good. When they see we can,… they are ecstatic,” add Suba.

Continental Hair has two locations: 92 ½ Avenue Rd., 416.923.7747, and Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre, 2025 Bayview Ave., “T” Wing, 416.480.5157.

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