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BACKGROUND STORY: For as long as I can remember I have coveted a long, healthy, flowing head of hair. Unfortunately my super-fine, straight hair never manages to grow past my shoulders. Once my hair is longer than six inches it becomes so fragile and wispy the only option is to cut it. Hair extensions have always intrigued me; however, the glue, weaves and potential hair damage involved with many types of hair extensions haven’t. When I recently heard that hair replacement guru Michael Suba of Continental Hair was offering Euro Locs hair extensions (these extensions don’t require adhesives or weaving), I practically ran to the salon.

THE TECHNICAL STUFF: Euro Locs hair extensions use a unique crimp method to attach top-quality human hair, from Europe, to your own. This system allows hair to be lengthened and thickened, without using any type of glue, weave or wax. Using your own hair as an anchor, the hair extension is attached along your natural hairline with a tiny metal tube (about eight millimetres long). A special tool is used to crimp the metal tube down, ensuring a strong bond. About 120 of these attachments are placed under the crown of your head. You can’t see them and they don’t feel heavy on your head. The hair extensions blend seamlessly, as they are dyed to match your regular hair colour. By using extensions in a variety of colours, natural-looking highlights and lowlights can be strategically placed during application. Because Euro Locs hair extensions are made from high-quality, untreated human hair, they can be dyed any colour and can be permed to match any type of curl, tight or loose.

APPLICATION TIME: Margaret D’Urso, a hair extension expert from Continental Hair in Toronto, carefully and skillfully placed the extensions across my scalp. Including a trim, and simple styling, the whole process only took about four-and-a-half hours.

ADDED BONUS: No more thickening sprays! Not only was my hair long, but for the first time in my life I could create a full-looking updo, without massive amounts of teasing and products.

THE TEST: My boyfriend loves my sexy new hair, and no one can tell it’s not my real hair. It survives vigorous workouts and tugs from friends’ babies. It curls beautifully and holds styles, even washing and styling is simple. Most importantly, for the first time in my life, I love my hair.

EXPIRATION DATE: Euro Locs hair extensions can last up to five months, depending on how fast your hair grows. Hair can usually be reused once or twice, reducing the cost of reapplication. Blond hair can be reused once; darker colours can sometimes be used twice.

COST: Euro Loc hair extensions at Continental Hair cost about $1,500 for application and hair. When you are having hair reapplied the cost is about $750.

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