A Glossary of Hair Loss Terms

  • Aesthetician: Trained to administer facials (also called a facialist) . advise customers on make-up, skin and hair
  • Anagen: Growth phase of hair cycle during which new hair is formed
  • Catagen: Phase of hair cycle between growth phase and resting phase if hair follicle
  • Chemotherapy: Use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (especially Cancer) Often is responsible for partial or total hair loss.
  • Cosmetologist: Person who gives beauty treatments to skin and hair (Trained and Licensed under State Law)
  • Folliscope: Also known as Phototrichogram. System for hair and scalp analysis using a high definition microscope camera and exclusive software.
  • Hair Follicles: Tubular cavities in outermost layer of skin from which the hair shaft grows.
  • Keratin: A fibrous protein that makes up the outer layer of skin, hair, feathers, nails and hooves
  • Radiation: Treatment of disease (especially Cancer) by exposure to radioactive substance. Can also cause either partial or total loss of hair
  • Telogen: Resting phase in cycle of hair growth when hair is retained in the hair follicle as a dead hair.
  • Trichologist: A person qualified in Trichology. Treatment of hair and scalp disorders.
  • Trichology: Branch of medicine that deals with scientific study of hair and scalp.
  • This is a partial list of some of the terms used by professionals who deal with hair loss, scalp and beauty treatments. Anyone who works in these professions should be familiar with these terms.

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