A History of Hair and Customer Service

Continental Hair has been around for over fifty years now. It’s quite an accomplishment.

And sometimes there are things that remind me about how long we have been here.

Clients move, and they move on. It’s just a fact of life. But in the past two weeks, I have had calls from women that I had not heard from in over ten years.

The first was from Annette. She came to see me once about twenty years ago while she was in Toronto. She then would order wigs from me and I would ship them down to where she lived in Arizona. I had not heard from her in many years but she called, now from Colorado, asking if I could help her. She said she remembered the service that she got here. So I will be having a visit from her soon.

Another was actually a client of my mother’s. When my mom retired, it seemed that she went on another track for her hair. I had not heard from her in over fifteen years. But, her travels are bringing her to Toronto and she wants to come in and see what I can make for her.

transi37And just this morning I get a call from someone that has two of my wigs that must be at least eleven years old. She wants to see if I can repair them. Well, I will try. There is a law of diminishing returns on old wigs; you repair one thing and another falls part. But I am going to be very happy to see her again.

This is just a reminder of how many women that Continental Hair has worked with over the years. It warms my heart to know that after so much time they feel comfortable and happy about coming in to ask if I can do something for them. It makes me feel special.

I guess that you can’t be around for half a century without doing something special.

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