Thanks so much to you and Cora-Lee for being so wonderful with S. B. yesterday afternoon. She went to Continental Hair thinking that this could be another letdown. She was delighted to be leaving with such a lovely piece of hair.


I just wanted to tell you that my hair is terrific. It looks and feels fabulous, even on breezy days walking on the beach. I can wear headbands and even tie it back in a ponytail. Thank you again.


It was an enjoyable and fun experience as the staff are light-hearted and understanding. I left Continental Hair feeling fabulous and confident.


It was a pleasure meeting someone like you who didn't give up to please a client and in doing so presented great personality. I was that client who really appreciated your achievement.


I wanted to send you and your amazing team a huge thank you! To refresh your memory, I was in with my mother— - the two blondes that bought the beautiful wig by Richard.

Warm N.C.

Carolyn Martin was just nine years old when she first started losing her hair to Alopecia, a common autoimmune skin disease resulting in the hair loss. Her struggles with Alopecia continued throughout her youth and then worsened when she 25.

Carolyn’s Story

"Such a great, reputable place!"
- Marilyn Denis
Sunnybrook Hospital Salon