Breakfast Television, January 23, 2012

Live television is always exciting. I remember years ago I was on a phone-in show where people called in with their questions. Near the end of the hour a woman called saying that her mother had bought a hair piece from me over the weekend. My mind raced because I knew that I did not sell a partial to a anyone over the weekend. Why was someone calling to say that if it did not happen. Was it someone with a grudge? Were they going to start saying nasty, nasty things about me on air? I thought that this can’t be good. Then she talked about how her mom was treated “like rolled gold” at Continental and how beautiful she looked and how everyone loved her hair. She even started crying at how wonderful the experience was.

I was quite taken aback a this. Who was this mysterious admirer? And why would she say such nice things about me? The first thing I did was double check my records for that Saturday. My memory, for once, was correct. I did not sell any partials that Saturday. I then got suspicious of my marketing advisor. Did she have someone planted to call and say nice things about my work? I confronted her and she swore up and down that she would never do such a thing.

Then a couple days later a woman called and started telling me about how she and her family had been calling City-TV like mad trying to get on the air and that she finally did. She said her mother loved “the piece” and everyone wanted to say so on television. I checked and I said, “But your mother bought a full wig.” She replied that she knew that, but she calls it ‘a piece’ anyway.

So, it was a matter of semantics.

And we had Breakfast TV here yesterday morning. I was up at 3:00 am. I let the tech guys in at 5:00. My staff started showing up at 5:30. And the hostess, Jennifer Valentine, arrived at 6:10. When she left home her husband was not yet awake so I had to zip up her dress. Its like carrying a woman’s purse for her, after 20 years of marriage its no big deal.

We had been planning this morning for a long time. I realized the night before that there was nothing left I could do. It was either going to be a success because of the work that we had put into it or not. The biggest concern was if my client/models would arrive. Cold feet? Snooze button fail? Anything could go wrong. But nothing did. They were all there and I have to say I am so grateful to them. It was funny because they thanked ME for the experience. They had a great time. That is the mark of a successful event.

The only glitch was that we had no idea Jennifer Valentine wanted to model our wigs. She wanted to have a different look for each of the four segments. So we scrambled to get looks that would be different for her but also complimentary. It worked, except in on shot the wig slipped and you could see a sliver of the cap underneath. That was the only thing that went wrong. Actually, she liked the look of the long, dark wig so much she had me take a photo of her so she could immediately use it as her facebook profile picture.

After everything was done my staff got a picture with Jennifer Valentine. I am not in it because I had gone to get her car which had to be parked a couple blocks away. They look pretty good for having to come in so early on their day off.

So it was a very successful morning. A lot of women saw that they have some options when it comes to their hair loss. And that’s what it all about. Now I can sleep.

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