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I have a client that is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She came in last week with her sister and was very distressed. This is not unusual. And it is not unexpected. She wanted to have the same look that she has had for years, which is very long and wavy and blonde. She wanted to look EXACTLY like her. I told her that it would be insanely expensive but she said that her husband was not concerned about that.

With her sister’s help she looked at several candidates. Our wigs do not come wavy so it would have to be permed. During the process I even talked to her husband and was told that I was to do absolutely everything to make her happy. I do this anyway, but it increases the pressure.

So Jaqueline put a loose wave perm on it and today they came back in. Actually at first she came back in. Her sister was parking the car. She saw her wig and got very excited about it. She put it on and she just fell in love with it. You could see the worry evaporate. She had worn a beret when she came in. So she put the wig on, and then put her hat on, and sat down in reception to see if her sister would spot it. She did not. She was just crazy happy.

We trimmed it in. It looked great. She looked great. Now I’m happy.

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