Its Already Christmas!

Stock shipments can be like a box of chocolates. (You know where this is going right?) When you are dealing with people on the other side of the world sometimes the slightest miscommunication can spell disaster. Fortunately disasters are rare. Quite possibly because Continental Hair has been working with roughly the same people for years and that I fly over to meet with them on a regular basis. One of my earliest memories is of seeing my father off to a trip to South Korea back in the late 60’s at the old Toronto Airport (remember when Terminal 1 was not terminal 1 because it was the only terminal?). He was going to visit Continental’s (then) manufacturer.

Sitting down with the people responsible for your product is just as important as sitting down with people buying your product.

And last week it really paid off. I always expect to have good product from my suppliers but this was excellent. I ordered a large number of stock wigs to have on hand for my chemotherapy and alopecia clients. I asked for over 100 of them. When I opened the package I was just over the moon. I saw these were just perfect. For a shipment of this size it carries a bit of risk, but my manufacturer did an AMAZING job. The hair is beautiful and the workmanship exquisite. No wonder it took almost six months to make them all.

I already had some rave reviews from clients on Saturday. They love the new, smaller size and the way it hugs the head in the back. But the hair is what they really love. I have a client that is coming to see me in a couple weeks. She is from South Africa and always takes a couple days to see me when she is flying around North America in order to get something new. I cannot wait to show these to her. She will love them.

Its like Christmas, only in October.


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