Solutions for Thinning Hair

Male pattern baldness may be more noticeable to the average person walking by you on the street, but there are just as many women who suffer from hair loss. While often not as drastic as the hair loss experienced by men, hair thinning can be just as devastating for women.

Hair thinning does not just physically alter someone’s appearance. It can also take a mental and emotional toll due to the stress and anxiety caused by trying to cover up the loss of hair.

At Continental Hair, we’re here to tell you that you no longer have to worry about hair thinning. Regardless of how much hair you’ve lost, we offer simple and affordable solutions that mean you won’t have to worry about concealing your hair loss any longer.

The Contressa is Continental Hair’s own semi-permanent hair system. Hand-knotted with real human hair, the Contressa allows you to live your life without worrying about your hair!

The Contressa is custom-made just for you, so it can offer either full coverage or partial coverage, depending on the severity of your hair loss.

The Contressa may be best for you if:

  • You want a semi-permanent (up to 4 weeks) hair replacement
  • You have an active lifestyle and want to wear your hair during activities
  • You have moderate to severe hair loss

A Postiche (sometimes called a “topper”) is a partial wig meant to blend in with your own hair. Made with real human hair, our experts will blend your postiche with your existing hair so it’s completely seamless!

A postiche is similar to an integration system, except it’s primarily considered a daily-wear clip on, whereas the integration system stays on for up to 3 weeks.

A Postiche may be best for you if:

  • You have mild to moderate thinning hair
  • You’d like to blend your hair solution with your existing hair
  • You’d like to be able to remove your hair system at the end of the day

An integration system is a partial hair replacement solution that is semi-permanently attached for up to 3 weeks. Made with real human hair, it’s virtually invisible because we can blend it with your existing hair!

An integration system is similar to a postiche, except the integration system is considered a semi-permanent hair system, while a postiche is a daily wear clip-on.

An Integration System may be best for you if:

  • You have mild to moderately thin hair
  • You’d like to blend your hair solution with your existing hair
  • You prefer to wear your hair system for a longer period without worrying about it

A wig can be a good solution if your thinning hair is quite severe. Our wigs can be made either with real human hair or synthetic hair and can be custom-made to suit your needs.

However, in most cases, we would recommend going with a “partial” solution such as a Postiche, Integration System, or a partial Contressa since we can blend those with your existing hair.

A full wig may be for you if:

  • You have severely thinned hair
  • You want to be able to remove your wig when you feel like it
  • You want to be able to change your look by changing into a different wig

Dermatologists can help determine the type of hair loss more closely. The vast majority of women that do something about this condition get a hair system such as a postiche, which works with your existing hair, rather than a full wig.

The idea that thinning hair and hair loss are just problems for men is false. Over forty percent of those who experience temporary or long-term hair loss are in fact, women. Some women have hair that is thinning all over, while others can see the center part of their hair gradually widen. Even others develop distinct baldness at the crown of the head. Unlike men, however, women rarely develop a receding front hairline.

There is no cure that can stop and reverse hair thinning in women, but there are several solutions when it comes to replacing hair. Whether you are in need of a topper to create a fuller look on the top of your head or an entire wig for more advanced hair loss, you can count on us to offer custom products and systems to meet your exact needs.

One of our hair replacement professionals will work with you to find a solution that works best with your specific hair-thinning case. For more information about how we can help with hair thinning, please contact us today!

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