Brittany’s Makeover!

I tell my clients the “hair should be fun!” And they agree, especially since none of them are having fun with their hair.

So I decided to show how someone that has no hair can still have fun with their hair!

Brittany has been a client of mine for years. She is a wonderful, beautiful young woman who has never had a salon experience. So we gave her one.

Daniel Fiorio is a fixture in the Yorkville landscape. He has been working his magic in his beautiful salon for so long that his reputation is legendary. He has worked with me before since like many stylists he will call me when a client is suffering from alopecia or is about to go through chemo. So he was excited about doing a cut and colour on Brittany’s new wig.

The virgin hair has never been processed and is permanently attached so can be cut and coloured just like growing hair. The day at the salon showcased Davide Luizza applying the system with a bonding agent. Daniel Fiorio styling and colouring, and Sara Bella doing her makeup.

At the end Brittany looked like she had fun. And we all did!

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